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Thursday, 22 September, 2020, 15:00 - 17:20

Special session on ENERGIZERS project (CO2-Enhanced G eothermal Systems for Climate Neutral Energy Supply)

Aims of the special session

The special session on EnerGizerS Project: CO2-Enhanced Geothermal Systems for Climate Neutral Energy Supply is a promotional event since October 2020 when it started. This session aims to present the scope and motivations of the project along with the hitherto results obtained within the successive Work Packages. Within the EnerGizerS project, the international consortium of scientists has conducted research aimed at detailed identification of potential geological structures for the location of CO2-EGS systems in Poland and Norway, combining the requirements for both Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies. The main challenge is to analyze the efficiency of EGS using supercritical carbon dioxide as a working fluid instead of commonly used water. Such a solution has attracted much interest worldwide due to the additional benefit of CO2 geological storage in the process of energy conversion. Furthermore, CO2-EGS technology can become a new sustainable source of energy, which could be essential to meet international ambitions for the mitigation of anthropogenic climate changes.

  • An overview of EnerGizerS project – Anna Sowiżdżał
  • Identification of key parameters for the effective use of the EGS-CO2 systems and selection of appropriate locations (WP1) – Leszek Pająk
  • Characteristics of the geothermal reservoir based on the results of comprehensive laboratory tests of rocks (WP2) – Anna Sowiżdżał
  • Experimental determination of properties and behaviour of CO2-EGS working fluids (WP3) – Maciej Szymanek
  • Mathematical modelling of geological reservoir for CO2-EGS exploitation (WP4) – Maciej Miecznik
  • Mathematical modeling of CO2-based topside systems for heat and power production (WP5) – Paweł Gładysz
  • Techno-economic and environmental assessment (WP6) – Paweł Gładysz
  • Summary and future actions of EnerGizerS project – Anna Sowiżdżał
About the project

Title: CO2-Enhanced Geothermal Systems for Climate Neutral Energy Supply

Acronym: EnerGizerS

More information about the project is available at the website:

Follow our developments on:

Project consortium and partners:
AGH University of Science and Technology (AGH-UST), Poland, Kraków – Project Promoter
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway, Trondheim
SINTEF Energi AS, Norway, Trondheim
Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute Polish Academy of Science (MEERI PAS), Poland, Kraków
Exergon LLC, Poland, Gliwice
The project: CO2-Enhanced Geothermal Systems for Climate Neutral Energy Supply, acronym EnerGizerS, registration number NOR/POLNOR/EnerGizerS/0036/2019, has received funding from the Norway Grants 2014-2021 via the National Centre for Research and Development and from the Polish State Budget under the Applied Research Program.