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Thursday, 22 September, 2020, 15:00 - 17:20

Special session on ammonia as a fuel for internal combustion engine: ACTIVATE project

Aims of the special session

The Special Session on ACTIVATE project is a 2nd promotional event during the project implementation. It is expected to present the motivations and objectives of the project but also show progress after the 2nd year of the project execution. ACTIVATE project is aimed at developing a new technology for direct ammonia injection to help improve the performance of ammonia engine used in the agricultural industry. One of the biggest challenges in facing up the climate crisis is the transition to CO2 free energy supply making it green and safe. For energetic sector, responsible for electricity and heat generation, the need for alternative fuel is highly demanded. The fossil fuels must be replaced with a sustainable, renewable and carbon free energy sources, e.g., a promising carbon free fuel is ammonia (NH3). It is considered as a chemical storage medium for hydrogen that can be easily stored and transported. Ammonia has the potential to play a key role in managing energy grids integrated with intermittent and renewable sources by providing a solution to store energy. As a source of heat and electricity for small and medium application can be seen in application of the internal combustion engine

  • Combustion characteristics, emissions, and engine performance of ammonia-diesel dual fuel CI engine
    Nadimi Ebrahim, Przybyła Grzegorz, Adamczyk Wojciech,
  • Direct injection of ammonia and biodiesel in a single cylinder compression ignition engine
    Bjorgen Karl Oskar, Emberson David, Lewandowski Michal, Løvås Terese,
  • Life cycle assessment of selected ammonia production technologies from the perspective of ammonia as a fuel for heavy-duty vehicle
    Proniewicz Mateusz, Petela Karolina, Szlęk Andrzej,
  • ACTIVATE: Sustainability and profitability of ammonia-driven engine
    Petela Karolina, Proniewicz Mateusz, Szlęk Andrzej,
  • Simulation and optimization of ammonia-based combustion system for a compression ignition engine
    Pasternak Michał, Lewandowski Michał, Pedersen Krister, Siddareddy Reddy,

More info and the order of the presentations are on the detailed schedule

About the project

Title: Ammonia as carbon free fuel for internal combustion engine driven agricultural vehicle


More information about the project is available at the website:

Follow our developments on:

Project consortium and partners:
Silesian University of Technology, Poland - Project Promoter
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway - Norwegian Leader
University of Agriculture in Krakow, Poland - Scientific Partner
LOGE Polska Sp. z o.o, Poland. - Industrial Partner
The project has received funding from the Norway Grants 2014-2021 under POL-NOR2019 competition operated by the National Centre for Research and Development and from Polish State Budget. The grant number is NOR/POLNOR/ACTIVATE/ 0046/2019-00.