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Register as student guidelines

Who is a student?

A student is a person who is currently enrolled at a university, academic institution or research and development facility as Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D. student. The student owns a document confirming a student status valid at least until the end of the conference.

How to register as a student?

To register as a student, you should create your account as “student (early bird)” or “student” type. After that, your student status needs to be confirmed by a member of our staff. After positive verification, your student account will be correctly registered. If you do not confirm your student status, your account will be turned into “regular participant” type.

How to confirm student status?

To confirm your student status and validate your student account, you should upload a document confirming your student status (option available only after login). Please remember that the document has to be issued in English version. It can be a scan of your valid student ID card if issued in English, a scan of your valid ISIC card, or a confirmation from Dean’s Office. The document should contain the same name and surname as the name of the person who creates the account. Moreover, the document should contain an expiry date.

I do not have a student ID in English. What should I do now?

You can ask in your Dean’s Office for a document confirming your student status. Remember that it should be written in English.

My student ID expires before the date of the conference. What should I do now?

You ought to look for another document to confirm your student status. It can be a student status confirmation from Dean’s Office if it has a later date of expiry.

The semester ends before the conference starts, and I do not have a valid student ID. What now?

You can ask for a document from Dean’s Office, confirming that you will remain student during the next semester. We will temporarily accept your student status to give you time to upload a valid document.

My student status expires before the date of the conference. What should I do now?

You cannot register as a student without valid student status during the conference.

Should I upload a document containing my photo?

Yes, you can. It would be nice to see your face, but it is not required.

Can I upload a student status confirmation document in a different language than English?

No, it is not allowed. The conference language is English and all documents will be accepted/issued in the conference language.

How should a document from Dean’s Office look like?

It should consist of the name of the university, name of the faculty, date of issue, first name and last name of the student, name of student’s field of study, date of student status expiry, stamp and/or signature of the head of studies, Dean or Dean’s office staff.

What documents will not be accepted as student status confirmation?

Any website of Faculties or Divisions, documents in languages other than English, documents with student insurance and documents confirmation about passed exams.

Can a professor create an account and send a student for a presentation at the conference?

No, it is not allowed. If a student has to be a participant of the conference, the student should create an account. If the professor wants to supervise the article, she/he can be registered as a corresponding author.

What should student status confirmation contain?

It should consist of the date of issue, expiry date, first name, last name and the name or logo of the university. If it is not a student ID it should be signed by the head of studies, Dean or Dean Office staff. It can be also stamped.

How much does the fee for a student amount?

You can check the fees for a student here. Please note that the 'early bird' discount is applicable for students as well.

What are the benefits of a student?

You can check the benefits of a student on the conference fee site. A student is welcome to the conference events with a lower conference fee than a regular participant.

Does a student receive a certificate related to the conference?

Yes, certificates will be granted to a student.

Should a student register at the conference reception?

Yes, it is required to register at the conference desk to participate in the conference. Each student receives a badge and other materials that allow entry to the panels and events of the conference. The list of entitlements is available on the conference fee site.