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Conference regulations

Participation in the conference

  1. Participation in the conference is voluntary.
  2. By registering in the CPOTE 2022 conference system, you consent to the processing of personal data necessary to organize the conference.
  3. A user who will not complete the data in the third step of registration will be removed from the database within 10 days from the start of the registration process.
  4. Registered user of the conference is allowed to cancel the registration by sending us an email as long as the conference fee is not covered yet. Should the fee be already paid, see the cancellation policy in the "Conference fee" section below.

Pandemic situation

  1. The format of the conference is hybride both stationary and online. hybride
  2. Registered user is informed by email about the major changes that are introduced.
  3. Registered user is obliged to get acquainted with the possible changes.

Conference fee

  1. Details about the conference fee are available here.
  2. The Early bird payment is established.
  3. All conference fees should be paid before August 15, 2022.
  4. Paid conference fee can be withdrawn before June 15, 2022, for no cost.
  5. Paid conference fee can be withdrawn between June 16, 2022 - August 15, 2022 with cancellation fee which amounts to 50 EUR.
  6. Paid conference fee cannot be withdrawn after August 15, 2022.
  7. Paid conference fee can be transferred to another person at any time without additional cost; however, the type of participant cannot be changed.


  1. Notify us by email, if a proforma invoice (invoice with 14 day payment) is required. The administrative office needs 14 days to issue the invoice, starting from the first day of request.
  2. An electronic version of the invoice will be available on the website on the user account within 14 days from registering the payment on our bank account.
  3. A paper invoice can be sent by post. To receive the paper invoice write the comments in the fee panel. If the postal adders is different than the one for issuing the invoice write the annotation in the fee panel.


  1. Abstract does not have a Word template. To correctly submit an abstract, fill in the appropriate fields in the conference system.
  2. Abstracts of manuscripts qualified for the presentation at the conference will be publicly available on the website (title, authors, the affiliation of authors, acknowledgment) after finishing the Proceedings of the conference, for as long as the site will be maintained.
  3. Authors who want to remove their abstracts from the website have such possibility within 2 weeks after the conference.
  4. Abstracts of not presented work will not be published on the website after the conference.
  5. Before the conference, Abstracts are available only for the users of conference system. These Abstracts cannot be removed from the website as long as they are planned in the conference schedule.
  6. The possibility of amending the abstract placed on the website is possible up to 2 weeks after the conference.

Conference paper

  1. Manuscripts qualified to be presented at the conference will be available for download by the conference participants in the form of Conference Proceedings.
  2. An ISBN number will be assigned to the Proceedings; however, the Proceedings will not be shared as open access online.

Post-conference publications

  1. Selected articles will be recommended to the scientific journals (see the procedure below).
  2. The conference article should consist of 8-12 pages in order to allow its further recommendation for a scientific journal.
  3. The recommended article submitted to a scientific journal should be an improved and extended version of the conference article.
  4. The submitted article should be formatted by authors in accordance with the guidelines of the journal to which it is recommended.

Recommendation for journals - procedure

  1. Selected articles will be recommended for journals based on all of the following criteria:
    1. Reviewers rating of the conference paper.
    2. Recommendation of a reviewer of the conference paper.
    3. Rating of the presentation by the chairman of the conference session.
    4. Recommendation of the chairman of the conference session.
    5. Correlation between the scope of the journal and the conference paper.
    6. The final decision will be made by the Scientific Committee of the conference.
  2. The information will be announced to participants by e-mail by the end of December 2022.
  3. If you do not want a recommendation for the journal, please e-mail us on this matter.
  4. After the conference, the conference articles will not be reviewed again to raise the rating for journal recommendation.


  1. The detailed schedule of live online sessions will contain the name, surname, university/company name of the presenter together with the title of the lecture delivered.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to include co-authors in the schedule.
  3. The agenda will be available on the conference website as long as the site or conference system is maintained; however, it will be available only for the users of the conference system.
  4. After the conference, at the participant's written request, we can remove personal data together with the title of the presentation from the schedule posted online


  1. Formats of presentation
    1. Online live scheduled presentation - presentation 15 min and questions 5 min.
    2. Online recorded audio-visual presentation - 15 min for recording and questions raised on dedicated forum.
    3. Online slideshow presentation or poster - questions raised on dedicated forum.
    4. Stationary presentation - presentation 15 min and questions 5 min.
    5. Poster presentation - more info latter.
  2. The scheduled live online conference will be managed via a webinar platform (all required information will be provided later).
  3. By uploading the presentation or poster file and/or audio-video presentation the authors express consent for the files to be downloaded by other participants.
  4. A watermark in files related to presentation is allowed in order to secure the author’s rights.
  5. The forum will be closed as read-only after the conference.

Profile details - contact with the users

  1. Audience groups
    1. conference participants
    2. authors and co-authors of abstracts/articles
    3. people registered in the conference system
    4. people potentially interested in the conference
  2. Possible contact options
    1. emails - required
    2. telephone - optional, it may help with faster communication
  3. The purpose of the contact
    1. information on abstracts, articles, reviews
    2. organizational matters
    3. information about the upcoming conference - optional, with the unsubscribe option